Goods for Patients

Get a hold of the office when you need to without waiting on hold.

Reach your dentist with your concerns right when you need to.

Payments Made Easy

We start by including preventative care in every plan,
then providing a simple set of varying uniform discount rates.
Once you choose a plan, you get an easy to understand and afforable dental coverage option.

Not bad, eh?

No More Middleman

Instead of standing between you and your dental care provider, we get out of the way and allow your provider to deliver the right treatment plan for you, all while
saving you time and money.

Simple. Transparent.

Our membership plans are designed to be easily understood, before or after treatment.

Most procedures are either covered completely or with a uniform discount rate, depending upon the plan you choose.*

It's that simple.

Do Goods. Be Good.

As a patient you'll be given the oportunity to elect a group of causes that you care about, of which Goods Dental will donate a portion of your membership fee to support.

No additional cost, it's just built into how we do things.

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We are currently focused with onboarding of patients from participating practices in our Early Access Program.

If you are interested in joining as a practice to help build the future of dental coverage, please joing the waitlist and we'll reach out.

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